Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019


The OilTopService Ltd. have been established to be a quick reliable and solid connection for ship owners, managers, and operators. By carrying out our services in a professional way are pledge to make a significant contribution to the shipping and maritime services.

New building & Contracting

We are close with yards in Russian Federation that can build vessels up to 92.000 dwt . Due to low labor cost these yards are very competitive.

Ship Brokering & Chartering

If you need vessels for long or short-term Time charters, we can offer such vessels. Also if you have requirements for transportation of raw materials on a contract basis, this can be arranged.

Dry dock & Repairs

There are several yards in the Philippines , which can dry dock and/or repair vessels up to 344.000 Dwt. Let us obtain an offer for your vessel and assist you in the negotiations with the yard.

Crewing Requirements

We are working closely with first-class crewing agents in Russian Federation . If you have any requirements for Russian crews, we can therefore look after your interest.

Marine Insurance Brokering

There are some very large insurance companies in Russia . Give us a chance to quote on the next renewal of the insurance of your fleet or yacht.

Services Offshore Industry

We are closely connected with the various companies working in the offshore oil industry in the Nertherland and can therefore promote your products and services for this sector.

Representatives In Europe Within The Marine Offshore Industry

If you want to market any products or services within the marine and/or offshore industry in Europe, we can handle such marketing through our close partners in Europe.




  • We are committed to render quality and on-time services to our clients from around the world.
  • We can assist you in the negotiation with the shipyard, which is specializing in design, manufacture and supply of all kind of vessels.
  • To “Serve the Best” plays an important role in the ship construction industry with its technological facilities and skilled staff in Russian Federation.





  • We aim to create a more cohesive working environment with our clients to find out what they are looking for and to what extend can we be of service to them.
  • The management services are internationally experienced group and maintain constant communications with a worldwide network.
  • We provide unequaled service to our clients and we Recognize the value in developing partnership with our customers.  



Built mainly for river and canal and transport of heavy goods. Most barges are non-self-propelled and need to be moved by tugboats towing them or towboats pushing them contended with the railway in the early industrial revolution but were out competed in the carriage of high value items due to the higher speed, falling cost, and route flexibility of rail transport.

                                               Other Vessels

A transit mode comprised of vessels carrying passengers and or vehicles over a body of water and that are generally steam or diesel powered. It is designed to operate under moderate weather and sea conditions.

For those who fish from a boat for everything that bites, these
are generalist craft with space for fishing gear. They can be
aluminum or fiberglass is almost outboard –powered.

These are recreational vehicles of the water with wide beams and cabins that cover most of the deck. Fiber glass or steel hulls are common. This vessel is a multi-purpose ship that can also be used for well intervention and coil tubing.
A tanker vessel designed to carry chemicals
lube oils, vegetable/ animal oils and other
specialty liquids.




Russia is an archipelago of highly dependent on its maritime industry for trade and economic development.

But Russia maintain a strong and well-developed shipbuilding and ship repair industry.

  • We can assist you in the negotiations with the yard in the Baltic Sea  . The yard is perfectly positioned to serve varied requirements and need of its customers.
  • Has experienced workforce, almost perform any size of job regardless of the complexity of the project, from routine maintenance to major overhauls and modernization benefited from the expertise of dry-docking and repairing.
  • We can assist you in the yard for your vessel expert service ship design, construction and ship repairs.  



  • We offer solutions for your crewing
    requirements and provide specialists, well trained and well experienced personnel in all types of vessels.
  • Developed the working management and procedure fulfilling many contracts with different companies supplying qualified and skilled maritime personnel.
  • Their performance during sea service has been found professionally and very useful for ships functioning, being also able to prove them capabilities to handle with the most sophisticated type of vessels.


There are many advantages to the hiring of Filipino seafarers. Most importantly is their long experience at sea and outstanding record as seamen. Russian crew has a good command of the English language.  Every seaman (officer/rating) has taken his Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping (STCW) for seafarers in accordance with International Maritime Organizations (IMO) Rules and Regulations.


Ship owners all over the world prefer Russian seamen due to the following qualifications:


  • Russian crew can speak and understand the English Language, the lingua franca of the sea and the international trade;
  • Are armed with maritime education and training, and the necessary experience;
  • Wages of the Russain crew are within the reach of all international ship owners;
  • Industrious, loyal, disciplined and hardworking, thus, assuring ship-owners of safe return of their investments;
  • Russians are natural seamen as most of them have lived and grown in a truly maritime environment, the whole country being surrounded by vast bodies of water;
  • No problem of victual ling as there’s no religious or cultural restraints on his diet




There are some very large insurance companies in the Russian Federation . Give us a chance to quote on the next renewal on the insurance of your Fleet or yacht. Provides the highest quality marine insurance to qualifying conscious vessel owners.


Our head office is close to major insurance companies. Our offices are run by dedicated dynamic and experienced insurance professionals who are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With our extensive network marine professional worldwide, we represent some of the most competitive and knowledgeable insurers your type of marine business.




Today, We are the world’s largest user of wet steam technology in geothermal operations. It is ranked second only to the United States in terms of total megawatts generated from geothermal energy.


We can assist you to a related company working in and operates in various onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration activities in many parts of the country. We can also promote your products and services for this sector.




If you want to market any products or services within the marine and/or offshore industry in Europe , we can handle such marketing through our close partners in Europe .