Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019


Our network of oil and gas companies makes us an international all-round coordinator for trading and investment projects in the trading industry. We work closely with different Oil Refineries to manage complex international trades of petroleum products specialize in a sale of Crude Oil, D2 Diesel Oil, Jet Fuel, Heavy Fuel Oil (Mazut M100), Unleaded Premium, Kerosene, Gasoline and Natural Gas.

Major trading operations is worldwide with and through affiliated global authorized companies and representatives delivering profitable business opportunities with highest standards of services exceeding our customers need and will be dealt with speed and professionalism.

NOTE: The product in terms of Metric Tons will have a +/-0.5% difference when converted from Metric Tons into liters.

  • Crude Oil (Basra Light Crude, REBCO)
  • D2 Diesel Oil
  • Jet Fuel (JP 54 and Jet A-1)
  • Mazut M100  (Origin: Russia and Libya)
  • Unleaded Premium
  • Kerosene
  • Gasoline
  • Natural Gas (LPG, LNG)


If you are in need of other petroleum-based products, we can source them for you provided the volume is high (at least 100,000 metric tons per month) and you follow our procedures. Product specifications are available upon request of qualified buyers and legitimate intermediaries.

Where Do We Get Our Supply

Our supply comes from various reliable sources, mainly in Russia and some parts of Asia . All the supply is guaranteed to meet the specifications and to pass the stringent requirements of SGS or Saybolt. We are able to get allocation due to the long years of business relationship founded on trust, word-of-honor, and dependability we have had with our suppliers. This relationship also enables us to guarantee our delivery since we ALWAYS get the supply priority provided we comply with the procedures. Normally we are able to close a deal within 5 working days, more or less due to differences in working hours in Europe, Asia and buyer’s location.


Since this is our trade secret we reserve the right to keep supplier information confidential and withheld from any prospective buyer until a contract is signed and proof of funding is shown and accepted.


Why Deal With Us


We believe that a long-term business relationship is founded on TRUST, reliability and word of honor. In dealing with us, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow morning, you will get the product at the time and quantity we promise. This is because our word of honor has earned us the trust and confidence of a selected breed of mandates that still control private oil supply even during crisis situations.

We Have the Connection; Therefore, We ALWAYS Deliver

OilTopService Ltd had been active in the creation of “super structures” – oil platforms, tankers and ports, among other things.  Unico Europe, on the other hand, has been involved in different kinds of large-scale commodity trading.  In their separate capacities, both owners of the two companies have accumulated strong ties with Russian and Scandinavian and other European players in the petroleum supply.  They have known each other and have developed mutual respect and friendship despite being “competitors” in the beginning.


Recently, they have joined business forces so that OilTopService represented Unico Europe in Asia while Unico Europe represented The Grant Group in parts of Europe and the Americas, resulting in a tight control over private allocations of petroleum and commodities.  Their long experience in this business has developed all necessary connections–even political connections if necessary–to assure buyers they will get what they ordered, if buyers agree to follow the procedures strictly.


It has taken us decades and hundreds of millions of dollars to build such a massive structure of supplier, mandate and intermediaries, and that it would take at least 20 years for a newcomer in this business to even come close to our credibility to the few remaining suppliers still able to deal in oil.


We Follow Standard International Business Protocol


All our contracts are covered by standard international terms and provisions, and all confirmed intermediaries are protected. We strictly implement non-disclosure and non-circumvention provisions of the contracts, which assures intermediaries peace of mind in dealing with us. Our contracts are fully covered with the required Performance Bond, whose proceeds will more than offset buyer expense should we default on our agreed and signed deliverable.


Straightforward Requirements


We do not have roundabout documentary requirements. We simply inform you what the seller wants, and if you comply you get the supply.


What We Require From Our Buyers


Every contract is different in terms of quantity / volume, discount / commission structure, and seller requirements. More and more, sellers favor buyers who show sincerity and commitment via Bank Comfort Letter (BCL). Buyers who wish to follow their own purchasing and banking procedures simply get to the end of the line, since there are more than enough eager buyers that will put up the BCL just to get the rare allocation.


Our relationship with the sellers enables us to get priority among the available allocations for as long as our buyer shows a valid BCL. In other words, between two buyers with BCL, our buyer gets the deal.