Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

Affiliated sales company OILTOPSERVICE Ltd. in the view to certisfy a swift service delivery in the ever growing market demand for our ENERGY world wide.

As one of the company’s key objectives we are constantly in touch with and represent owners / sellers of product with varying sale’s procedures,and we are open for deals with new and old esteemed clients.We guarantee end buyers, buyer’s mandate, facilitating agent (s) and agent companies from around the world, who are willing to buy from us or facilitate a deal through / with us an agreeded commission base for all deal delivered.

Our firms services are free of fraudulent practices as no pre-cost charges are required nor payment instrument effected before quantity and quality test prio to delivery. As part of our aim, all interested facilitating agents (experienced or inexperienced) interest is guaranteed and protected in a none circumvention and disclosure bond that would be electronically endorsed and effected immediately between us and the transacting parties.

Also end buyers who are willing to buy from us are first adviced to issue us a mandate letter together with a letter of intent (LOI) scanned copied and sent to our e-mail address and the original copy (s) courried to us by mail.

We are  glad to explain that the PROCEDURE (S) and SPA (S) of our reliable sellers with whom we have signed an NCND / MOU agreement as stipulated theirin will not be issued to any interested facilitating agent (s) who is not willing to sign an NCND / MOU agreement with us to protect our position in this transaction and the same goes for any end buyer (s) who is not willing to issue us a mandate letter and a letter of intent. We’ll give more details if you would like to deal with us.

Hope to hear from you.